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Body treatments

Body treatments



This unconventional therapeutic method is based on the extraordinary properties of aromatic botanic substances. It is not just treatment with the fragrance, but with aromatic, volatile substances produced by plants - essential oils. These substances are the great mystery of nature. They are generated in specialised plant cells in the leaves, the trunk, the bark or the peel of fruit. Essential oils reveal properties helping to achieve mind and body balance and, consequently, they contribute to fast recovery.

Expert in aromatherapy

Decléor is a French brand with 35 years of tradition. It specialises in care based on plant extracts to create AROMAESSENCES – essential oils, 100% natural, 100% pure, 100% active and preservative free. Decléor energizing concentrates help to rejuvenate, restore balance and energize body and senses.

The combination of those precious concentrates with strong active ingredients to satisfy specific skin requirements is an effect of 35 years of research. This knowledge in cosmetic aromatherapy made it possible for DECLÉOR to select 38 essential oils used in 150 preparations.

Aroma massage




PLN 300


PLN 240


PLN 190


Take the ORESSENCE journey, a unique and customized DECLÉOR face and body care, which stimulates and restores the optimum energy level, thanks to synergy of plant oils and three precious compositions, 100% natural essential oils completed with exceptional manual massage techniques. In the ORESSENCE ritual, your skin will be rejuvenated and your mind tranquil. It improves your mood and boosts the level of energy and high spirits.



1 treatment

PLN 250 / PLN 350



Gemini V Liporadiologie includes five innovative technologies in one single device. It shapes and tones the silhouette in an effective way, leaving it toned, without cellulite changes or local fatty tissue deposits. It has a beneficial effect on complexion and is recommended for improving a facial oval.

It is all possible due to a combination of five crucial and efficient technologies used in body treatments, i.e. radio waves, lipo-cavitation, mechanical massage with vacuum roles and infrared (IR) radiation.

The treatment is recommended first of all for quick reduction of cellulite changes, strong toning and modelling of the silhouette, intensive slimming, increasing the tension of abdominal muscles, stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, strong modelling of a facial oval, intensive anti-wrinkle treatments and skin smoothing. The first effects are visible just after the first treatment, and the entire therapy brings long-term and satisfying results.



Breaking down fat tissue Vacuum + Cavitation, 1 treatment

PLN 270

Strong toning RF + IR, 1 treatment

from PLN 250

Full treatment (Caviation +RF), RF + Vacuum, 1 treatment

from PLN 350



A modelling treatment 60 min. / PLN 190 (with body peeling PLN 230)

The treatment activates the slimming mechanisms through a self-heating mask of unique consistence, based on: fresh algae extracts, lactic acid, caffeine extract, minerals and trace elements. It models the silhouette, remineralizes, revitalizes, moisturizes and smoothes it. The treatment improves removal of excessive water, lipids and toxins. It stimulates cell metabolism.

A draining treatment 60 min. / PLN 190 (with body peeling PLN 230)

It stimulates toxin removal using the extracts of bladderwrack, aromatic oils of rosemary, lavender, lemon balm and eucalyptus. It has a detoxifying effect and accelerates sweating. It smoothes and tones the body. The treatment has a therapeutic effect on rheumatic pain and arthritic joint pain. It nourishes, protects against free radicals and relaxes. It stimulates circulation and strengthens the congested tissue.

A "hot - cold" treatment 30 min / PLN 220 (with body peeling PLN 260)

A Wellness treatment, consisting in differentiated effect on the upper (heating) and lower (cooling) part of the body.

For the upper part of the body, the treatment has a remineralizing effect. It improves micro-circulation, skin elasticity and firmness.

 In the lower part of the body, the treatment improves microcirculation and has a draining effect. 

"Hot" relaxation treatment, well-being treatment 60 min PLN 280

A treatment that exceptionally relaxes the entire body with revitalization effect. Improves microcirculation, elasticity and skin tone, and the additional head massage contributes to the condition of unusual relaxation.


"Cold" treatment (treatment for legs) 30 min PLN 130

Unusual cooling treatment for legs, combined with a massage has an anti-cellulite and purifying effect Additional unusual ingredients help to tighten dilated blood vessels. 

MEN's ZONE! 30 min PLN 220 

A special treatment for men for the back area, combined with cleansing peeling. Additional foot massage guarantees the state of bliss.




Who does not dream about travelling far away, into unknown, tropical regions of relaxing moments.

In the Przystań Hotel & Spa we have prepared ceremonies that can take our Guests into various places in the world.



Amazonian ceremony

Time 120 min 

Price PLN 450

The ceremony will take you into the land of eternally lush tropical forests, with the magic of mysterious sounds, smells, colours and shapes, stimulating our senses and imagination. Amazon wellness ceremony means warm, life-giving energy, inspiration, creativity and power to act anew. 

The ceremony opens with a citrus peeling, changing in contact with skin, stimulating at the same time the sense of touch and smell, and an unknown, sophisticated fragrance. Your skin is perfectly purified, smooth and shiny, prepared for other body care products.

A 15-minute stay in our jacuzzi will calm and soothe your senses, and after moving to the Finnish sauna following the aufguss ceremony, all your senses will be stimulated.

The ceremony will end with an aromatherapy massage with a candle - the candle oil will make your skin firm, silky smooth and wrapped with a pleasant aroma.

The entire ritual is completed with an aromatic infusion prepared with selected tea blends.









Polynesian ceremony

Time: 120 min

Price PLN 500

Our treatment menu helps  you to escape from rush and stress, to discover you self anew. During your relaxing journey, you can listen to the needs of body and soul, stimulate senses, relax your body and mind to reach internal harmony and balance. All tensions disappear during the treatment, the body feels light and relaxed and your skin becomes beautiful, smooth and firm. An unforgettable exotic journey into a land of luxury which will make you feel blissfully relaxed and balanced.

The ceremony starts with an unusual peeling treatment, performed in a steam bath - unusual detoxifying salt will make your skin soft and the compress of sea algae gathered in the early March sunshine will purify and moisturize the body.

The moment of relaxation will go together with a delicious infusion of green tea shoots.

The ceremony will end with a massage performed to the amazing sounds of music.


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