Infrastructure of the lake of Ukiel

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Przystań Hotel and Spa is located by the Ukiel lake (also known as Krzywe). Its area is 412.0 ha; It consists of 4 pool lakes connected by corridors, which generates excellent wind conditions for sailors.

The reservoir is approximately 5.4 km long and 1.5 km wide. and it is the largest and deepest lake in Olsztyn. From September 2014 a Recreation and Sports Center was established, where a new, modernized infrastructure provides a variety of varied forms of relaxation and leisure for both Olsztynans and our hotel guests. In the vicinity of the hotel you can use bicycle paths, jogging routes, a year-round outdoor gym, children's playground, boules, beach volleyball, tennis or squash but also hire Omega boat, canoe, water bikes, rollerblades and in winter ski and skates.

One of the biggest attractions of the Ukiel summer season is the water playground, five water baths, and the Skatepark and the Snowpark in winter. In the closest neighborhood, Warmia Przystań operates, offering weekend and supplementary sailing and individual classes for children and adults.

Localization of attractions

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